Planning the Perfect Celebration

Life is a celebration! Yes, things do not always go the way that we want them to and there are sad moments but there are many wonderful moments in life that are worth celebrating such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate parties and farewells. Planning the perfect celebration can indeed be challenging; however, with support and guidance from the right source, your event can be the most talked about event ever!  

The key to planning the perfect celebration is making sure that you choose the right location. Nottingham makes the perfect party destination. Here are a few reasons why:

  It is a city filled with legend and history. Think of Robin Hood! Nottingham is known as the home of Robin Hood and will offer you a legendary experience like no other.
It is easy to get to as it is conveniently situated in the heart of central England.
The party venues in Nottingham have the wow factor.
Getting from one place to the next is relatively easy in Nottingham.


Go Nottingham

We at Go Nottingham are one of the best organizers of events and parties in Nottingham. We offer advice and guidance as well as the most incredible venues and activities for any kind of celebration that you may have. We help you to organize and plan the perfect wedding celebration, the most spectacular anniversaries, the best organized corporate events and the most thrilling stag and hen parties as we specialize in planning stag and hen parties with a wow factor.

Create your Celebration Package

Our main priority is to personalize your celebration as much as possible. That is why we allow you to create your own celebration package. You can create your own celebration package in five easy steps. 

Start by selecting the location of your choice within Nottingham.
Decide whether your celebration will be for one night or two nights! For example, you can choose to plan a stag or hen night or a stag or hen weekend.
Choose the accommodation of your choice. We offer a variety of accommodation options in Nottingham and can offer you some really great deals on accommodations.
Select the activities that you would like to participate in. You can choose from a list of day activities or a list of night activities.
Submit your choices to us and we will let you know how much your celebration will cost. 


Why Book with Us

So if you want the bride-to-be to feel special or if you want to plan the perfect celebration, book with us as we offer good quality venues and events. We are the celebration experts! By booking with us, you are entrusting your celebration in the best hands. We guarantee you that we will exceed your expectations on all levels and will organize a unique celebration with the wow factor. When it comes to planning a celebration in Nottingham, we know what we are doing so that we can plan the best party event! We love the party industry and we love what we do and so will you.


Life is a celebration! We are proud to share with you a few words of celebration from some of our clients!

Thank you guys for helping me to plan the perfect wedding anniversary for my parents. Your service was exceptional. I was amazed with the manner in which everything was so well organized! Great job! We had such a great time.

By Jennifer P. Robertson

Planning a hen weekend for my best friend was very challenging. That was, until I came into contact with Go Nottingham. The advice and guidance that you guys gave me was outstanding. Thank you for helping me to organize a spectacular hen weekend.

By Ena J. Dean

We recently used your services for our corporate Christmas celebration and I must say that I was impressed. As the person in charge of the planning, all I needed to do was to just make the payment. Everything else was done by you guys to my satisfaction.

By Frances C. Irving
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